Presently we have two Sites in Production ready for Subscribers to sign up to that will allow Vendors to provide Quotes without Human intervention if as a Vendor you are offering Product/Services to be Sold or you are Buying.  You have the option to have no monthly fee & pay for Quotes/Order only or that and a Private Site that you can link to your site to give Prospects INSTANT QUOTE.  For Buyers of Services & Goods For B2B wanting to sell to others  Moving of items for Households & Office  Product Service System

Presently we have two Demo Sites: with 122+ different Industry Examples  a Documentation example site

We provide patented software and market cost-effective software solutions to companies that conduct internet ecommerce.  We generate price comparisons specifically for companies that sell or buy products or services using configure price quote (CPQ) components.

The eMarketplace/eCommerce engine allows CPQ industries that offer services or products with multiple options to receive instant price quotes. The wizard enables companies to define the words used in the questions, rules on allowed answers to display in a pre-defined form. Present marketplace with CPQ components ask prospects to describe projects in words that are not sufficient to generate a quote.

  • These vendors will compete for your business in real time with our PATENTED SOFTWARE, saving you time in answering phone calls telling each vendor your option answers or the same in emails.  
  • You will answer the questions once,
  • Select which vendors you want quotes from (only vendors that desire to do business in your area will be listed), 
  • The Vendors web site will calculate the price without human intervention,
  • Send the price back to our site and display them to you as well a receive an email from each vendor,
  • If you are ready to place the order you can and it displays the vendor order number

Below are $ and % changes with our product:

•-83% Buyer Reduced hours from 3.1 to .5 hours

•Plumber Overhead reduction

•-38% From 3.4 to 2.1 hours on visit

•-34% From $157 to $103.50 for Estimator making visit

•-91% From $157 to $13.50 for Estimator if not ask to visit

•Plumber Decreased cost

•-11% -$53.50 if awarded the order

•-91% -$143.50 if NOT awarded the order

•+11% Gross Margin on a 16Hr Job @ $898 from 46.88% to 52.84%